The Independence Day of Bangladesh:My pride

Today is the freedom day of Bangladesh.At this day Bangladesh start a war against Pakistan.In 1971 every people of Bangladesh start the war of freedom.This day remember us the history of Bangladesh.In that day every normal people took guns in their hands.To students to labours every people fought the war.​

So this day is very special for us.

Bangladesh is a country of patriots.A country of heroes.

Thank You

Making a logo in Photoshop challenge

I want to inform all people who reads my blog that I am challenging them to make simple logos in photoshop. I assure you it would be really easy.If you don’t have Photoshop use gimp instead.It is open source and full free.But a winner will win a special logo from me for his blog.

Tournament rules

1.Post your logo on your blog.

2.give a link to my blog end.

3.Comment your post link in this post.

Thank You

An example-​​ 

What to post??

I am very confused what to write.Its been a long time I don’t post.What to do.Nothing comes in my mind.Because nothing really happened in my life except my own uncle’s wedding.I wanted to share it my pictures but I didn’t feel safe to post it on my blog.Because the internet is a scary place too.

Just comment below to give me some ideas.

Thank You

Just bought a Gaming Mouse!!!

I had already said I like to play PC games.But when I play many fps games I don’t find my normal mouse very comfortable.So I decided to buy a gaming mouse.But gaming mouse is very expensive.So Today I was looking at the shops for gaming mouse at my budget.

Then I found a mouse!!!I think it is a Chinese gaming mouse.But what ever.It is good.Grip are comfortable.​

I I had bought the black one.It is quite good.It has flashing beautiful lights.

Thank You and please read my blogs.

Just bought a Adobe Photoshop CC

When I first bought a computer.I wanted to use and learn Photoshop but because of my parents I can’t got the Photoshop.Now after 2 years I have downloaded Photoshop.Adobe Photoshop CC is the latest version of Photoshop.It is quite good.I am just learning about Photoshop.It is quite difficult.​
Now I have only learned how to blur images like dslr in photoshop.Its quite great feeling.Now I can easily blur photos.Now I am trying to design a logo for my blog.But its quite difficult.Just need some good​

​tutorial and good practice.Adobe photoshop is a very useful tool.It is a essential tool for photographers.
If you want to have photoshop but if have no money then download Gimp instead.I used gimp over 1 years when I dont had photoshop.

Gimp is a pretty good photoshop alternative.It has many features too.

So have a nice day.


Need Some Friends!!!

Recently I have been very bored.Nothing to do.All day on bed because of my illness.But I am feeling better now by the grace of Allah.But my parents don’t understand. They say me to relax some more day.So I am very bored.No people to talk!!! I am Very much bored now.Now just wanting​ to have a friend.But I have have already said in my blog that I have no good friends so….it’s a quite boring life.I hate this type of life.A life without friend,fun and all kind of happiness.

But a good life is not foreveryone.At least no for me.I am a unlucky and ill boy since my birth and I will always remain the jerk.

So email me at and be my friend.​Thank You