In a world full of immortals and mortals, the

Forest of Burzee received an abandoned infant

which is found by the nymphs. And Necile who

wishes, even though it is against the law, to

spare the child and raise it as her own. Ak, the

Master Woodsman reluctantly allows Necile to

take in the baby and name him Claus.

As he grows older Claus befriends the creatures

of the forest and Ak shows him the children of

the world who he has sympathy for. When Claus

reaches adulthood, he leaves the Forest of

Burzee and travels to the country called the

Laughing Valley where he builds his own home

abd receives a cat called Blinkie where he

makes a wooden version of and gives it to a boy

lost in a snow storm. The Ryls give him paint

that they use to colour flowers so Claus can

paint his toys. He later makes a variety of

wooden animals who he decides to give to the

children who are either rich or poor including

Bessie Blithesome and Mayrie.

An evil army called the Awgwas realize the toys

are making the children less naughty so they

attempt to stop that by kidnapping Claus and

dumping him in the jungle, trap him in a blocked

cave and steal the toys from the children forcing

Claus to seek shelter.

After violating Ak’s warning to leave Claus alone,

the Awgwas declare war on the immortals. In

order for Claus to still make the children gifts,

the immortals have no choice but to engage the

Awgwas in battle. In the battle against the

Awgwas and their allies the Asiatic Dragons, the

Black Demons of Patalonia, the Giants of

Tartary, and the Goozle-Goblins. The fiery

breaths on the Asiatic Dragons were turned on

them by the wands of the Fairies causing them

to shrivel up and die. Some Giants of Tartary

were stabbed in the flesh by the Knooks’ spears.

The Goozle-Goblins were stabbed in the heart

by the Ryls’ sticks. The King Awgwa was sliced

in half by Ak while the Wood Nymphs turned his

subjects into clods of dirt. While it was never

mentioned what happened to the Black Demons

during the battle, Ak observed the remaining

Giants of Tartary retreating back to Tartary.

Soon, two reindeer called Flossie and Glossie

who assist Claus to deliver the toys to the

children of the world. They also help Claus to

figure out how to get into the houses by going

down the chimney. Later more reindeer, named

Racer, Pacer, Reckless, Speckless, Fearless,

Peerless, Ready, Steady and Who, come to

assist Claus. The people of the world also make

it easier for Claus to deliver presents by hanging

the first stockings on the mantle pieces above

the fire and start putting up Pine Trees as the

first Christmas Trees.

Years pass and Claus grows old and comes to

the end of his life so when Ak holds a meeting to

decide if they should make Claus immortal they

all vote in favour of it. The Immortals come to

Claus’s house just in time to stop the Angel of

Death from taking him away then place the

Mantle of Immortality on Claus.

Centuries pass and Claus faces difficulties in

delivering presents to the children of the world

including the people replacing fireplaces with

stoves or houses without chimneys. The

Nymphs and Fairies therefore travel with Claus

to go through the walls so he can still deliver the

gifts. The Centuries pass and the number of

children increase which doesn’t bother Claus as

he claims “The more the merrier!” and continues

his career for generations to come.​



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