I am a teenager who is alone from childhood.I have no friends because of my nerdy nature.I had been neglected from my childhood by everyone.

​Everybody call me fool and many kind of neglectable words.But they don’t know I love everybody and want to make a better world.

I want to make friends.Because I am very alone. So I started blogging to express myself in the internet.
So please be my friend and help me making the world better.

Thank You


4 thoughts on “I am Alone

  1. Hey there!
    Why are you sad?
    You should be proud, there are people in this world who don’t find their company appealing, who can’t be alone for a second.
    You are indeed special, because you know how to keep going with yourself.
    It’s amazing to know people who generally are alone, there is something mysterious about them. ‘What they might be thinking?’ ‘What world of fantasy they belong to?’ All these things fascinate people.
    I would love yo know you, would you be my friend? 🙂


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