History:As a branch of mathematics , algebra emerged atthe end of 16th century in Europe, with the work of François Viète . Algebra can essentially be considered as doing computations similar to those of arithmetic but with non-numerical mathematical objects. However, until the 19th century, algebra consisted essentially of the theory of equations. For example, the fundamental theorem of algebra belongs to the theory of equations and is not, nowadays, considered as belonging to algebra.

 This article describes the history of the theory of equations, called here “algebra”, from the origins to the emergence of algebra as a separate area of mathematics.

Some Sample Basic Formula Mostly for kids or teenagers-

  • (a-b)²=(a+b)²-4ab
  • (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²
  • (a-b)²=a²-2ab+b²

You can learn algebra basics from this video…


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