5 Important Things About Me:

1.Night Imagination.

2.Day Dreaming.

3.A Computer lover.

4.True Hater of child abuse.

5.Liker Of Soft music.

1.Night Imagination:I had already said I cant imagine or think even in deep sleep because I think or imagination too much from my childhood.Because I have been neglected by everybody from my childhood.

2.Day Dreaming:I always dream whatever it is night or day.

3.A Computer lover:I love computer or any kind of technology since I got a computer.So I decided to be a software engineer.I know quite about computer programming.I know cmd scripting.

4.True hater of child abuse:I had experienced physicical abuse many times by my parents.They had beat me up many times.So I want every child to be happy not be sad or abused like me.

5:liker Of Soft Music:I like soft music very much.


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