That time I was only 7 years old kid.I was at my village in the summer that time.I want to say that I have a fond of night walking in many scary places searching for mysterious things.So for the sake of my hobby one day I start walking in  the dark places of my village.But I have less fear(you can say some kind of research).So I was walking and walking suddenly I saw a house.Yes it was a house I clearly remember.The house size was medium.The house was not a old house like you see in a cinema or read on a book.

It was a normal house like every other house but weird in design.The house was emty.No humans are in the house.But for research I entered the house.When I entered a room in that house,I see! I saw a thing similar to me.Yes I saw a substitute of me.You can say it anything like clone or copy but it was real.It was smiling then I run away from that how.

Can you explain me what it was?


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