From the start of my blogging I am not getting any traffic. I have trying hard to get traffic and visitors but not getting enough views for some days. Sometimes I think I am a real failure. From the childhood I was a failure. Just like I failed to make friends. I think the world will never like me. I don’t know why people don’t read my blog posts. I don’t know where the problem is. I write blog posts using a very small android phone and it is very hard to write using it.

​But writing is my hobby. I can get happiness by only writing. You can say writing is my friend. Writing is my everything. 

So please comment my problems in writing. It will help me to write more easily.

Thank You 


2 thoughts on “Why I am not getting any traffic?

  1. Don’t be sad! You must get some traffic, and anyway it’s not the traffic that matters, but the fact that you enjoy blogging. Besides, I find your posts interesting and greatly inspiring! Keep up the good work! Also, I have a tip for you: visit other people’s blogs, follow them, like and comment on their posts, and they will visit your blog.

    So don’t be discouraged, and push on, no matter how hard life is!


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