Do you love gaming? I mean video games.I mostly play games on PC.I had played many games.I have a medium spec PC with a normal amd radeon graphics card.Recently I am playing Far cry 2.You can say it is a old game.But old is gold.Old doesn’t matter.​​I really like gaming.I mostly like first person shooting games but I like to play advemture type games too.I had played most versions of Assassins Creed.It is one of my favourite series.

Recently I had played Borderlands pre-Sequel.It was a quite good game.But I really dont like the cartoonish look.

Oh one second I have to ask you guys a question.I was thinking to buy a gaming mouse or I should buy a gamepad? Because I need a cheap gamepad which supports many games.

Thank You.

Please answer my question quickly!!!!


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