Shab e Barat will start in the evening of Thursday May 11 and will end on Friday May 12.The festival happens on the 14th and 15th day of the Muslim month, and is a night when many believe God writes the destinies for all in the coming year. Muslims believe that Allah takes into account their actions committed in the past and so will ask for mercy for any transgressions.The holy festival is taking place from the evening of Thursday May 11 to the evening of Friday May 12What is Shab e Barat The holy day is also known as Bara’at Night and is seen as a night of forgiveness and a chance to ask for blessing from Allah.

Muslim devotees will offer up special prayers and recite from the Qur’an so Allah can forgive them and their ancestors. Many people visit the graves of their loved ones to pray for peace for their souls.In Bangladesh, many people will fast on the day after thShab e-Barat night and in South Asia individuals will handout food and aid to their neighbours and the poor.

I am also a Muslim.My future is dependent on this night.

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