Have you ever heard about neural computer.I had just heard it about some days ago.I had already said in another post that I like science and a mad lover of computer science.Computer means everything to me.Computer is the only thing which gives me some pleasure in this world.So I done some research on Neural Computer.But I found nothing serious about this.Just everything is written about implanting on human brain.But there was no explanation about how to do that.Ok enough talked.Now please read carefully.

There are 100 billion neurons on the human body.I think we need to research on them that how a neuron works? Which kind of signals they sent to the brain? and many more.Than we need to make one kind of machine which will work like neurons with a connector that can connect a brain like neurons and  computers.The brain will be work like a external cpu and we can sent high frequency waves or sounds to control the brain.That’s how we can make our dream Neural Computer to reality.Maybe one day we will make it.

Note:This is just a theory by a 14 years old boy.So dont take it seriusly.But remember dont steal or copy paste my theory.It will hurt me very much.This image was downloaded from google.


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