Happy Victory Day To All!!!

Today is the victory Day of our Bangladesh. The 47th Victory Day.

After 9 months of battle we got the great victory. But we had to pay a huge recoil for this victory. More than 30 lakhs of people gave their life to free our country. On this day,16th December we got our beautiful freedom.

There is a saying,”Victory is great but the battle behind the victory is greater.”

I feel very much proud because of the history of Bangladesh. The cruel history.

But many of the people of today’s generation doesn’t care of it all! They only think about money and comfort. So I feel so much ashamed of those people.

But have you ever thought how would you get these comforts if we weren’t free.

So feel ashamed of yourself and let’s celebrate this great day togetherπŸ˜ƒ.

Thank You

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