Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak to all of you! Today is a very important day for us. This day symbolizes our love and sacrifice for Almighty Allah. 

At the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha,we sacrifice animals for Allah. So These sacrifices means a lot to us.

Thank you and have a nice day!


I am Extremely Sorry!

Sorry I am not writing since many days. Because I was very busy. It’s a shame for me not to writing as a blogger. But believe me guys I wanted to write these days. But I was very busy. That’s why I couldn’t write.

However I will now try to be regular next time. 
So,what’s up guys. Were you people missing me. Thank You for all that support you given to my blog. I want these support again for my blog because it’s traffic got reduced .

Thank You 

I am writing a novel!!!!

From the start of my blogging I had been saying that I love to write.Writing is my hobby😐.Well.. I started writing from the start of my school life😩.Readers who regularly reads my blogs they all know that my life is very boring😢.The worst thing of my life is my parents doesn’t support me on anything I love or like😑.They never supported me on making friends.But every human need someone to share his/her feelings😀.So I make my friendship with paper and pens😯.I had written short stories and articles but never tried to write a NOVEL😕.So few days ago I started writing a novel.The name of the Novel is SOFTWARE🔧.It is a science fiction.Just because I love computer😄,I started this NOVEL.I am writing this NOVEL in Bangla.But I will try to make a English version of my NOVEL after finishing writing my story😅.Please pray for me and my writing.🙏Thank You😃

Life as a blogger

Before starting my blog my life was a hell. I was lonely and bored.I had nobody to share my thoughts. My only friend was me.From my childhood I liked to write.But that time I wrote only on my diary or notebook.Because I had no friend I was lonely and abused.Because of my family was very strict I didn’t had any relation with internet.So when I was getting bigger I had got myself some internet by storing some money.From that time my journey start.

When I first heard about blog I decided to start up a blog.So I opened a blog named Nafinerd. It didn’t run quite well because I was really don’t knew about blogging too  much that time.So I dumbed that blog.Soon after my first blog got failed I started a new blog named FUNLIFEBLOG.

Now it is running well by the Grace of Almighty Allah. It don’t really get good views but I am still happy because some of my blogger friends regularly read my blog and it is the most big reward for me.

What to post??

I am very confused what to write.Its been a long time I don’t post.What to do.Nothing comes in my mind.Because nothing really happened in my life except my own uncle’s wedding.I wanted to share it my pictures but I didn’t feel safe to post it on my blog.Because the internet is a scary place too.

Just comment below to give me some ideas.

Thank You

Just bought a Gaming Mouse!!!

I had already said I like to play PC games.But when I play many fps games I don’t find my normal mouse very comfortable.So I decided to buy a gaming mouse.But gaming mouse is very expensive.So Today I was looking at the shops for gaming mouse at my budget.

Then I found a mouse!!!I think it is a Chinese gaming mouse.But what ever.It is good.Grip are comfortable.​

I I had bought the black one.It is quite good.It has flashing beautiful lights.

Thank You and please read my blogs.

Just bought a Adobe Photoshop CC

When I first bought a computer.I wanted to use and learn Photoshop but because of my parents I can’t got the Photoshop.Now after 2 years I have downloaded Photoshop.Adobe Photoshop CC is the latest version of Photoshop.It is quite good.I am just learning about Photoshop.It is quite difficult.​
Now I have only learned how to blur images like dslr in photoshop.Its quite great feeling.Now I can easily blur photos.Now I am trying to design a logo for my blog.But its quite difficult.Just need some good​

​tutorial and good practice.Adobe photoshop is a very useful tool.It is a essential tool for photographers.
If you want to have photoshop but if have no money then download Gimp instead.I used gimp over 1 years when I dont had photoshop.

Gimp is a pretty good photoshop alternative.It has many features too.

So have a nice day.


Need Some Friends!!!

Recently I have been very bored.Nothing to do.All day on bed because of my illness.But I am feeling better now by the grace of Allah.But my parents don’t understand. They say me to relax some more day.So I am very bored.No people to talk!!! I am Very much bored now.Now just wanting​ to have a friend.But I have have already said in my blog that I have no good friends so….it’s a quite boring life.I hate this type of life.A life without friend,fun and all kind of happiness.

But a good life is not foreveryone.At least no for me.I am a unlucky and ill boy since my birth and I will always remain the jerk.

So email me at talhanafi13@gmail.com and be my friend.​Thank You