I am writing a novel!!!!

From the start of my blogging I had been saying that I love to write.Writing is my hobby😐.Well.. I started writing from the start of my school life😩.Readers who regularly reads my blogs they all know that my life is very boring😢.The worst thing of my life is my parents doesn't support me on anything … Continue reading I am writing a novel!!!!

Just bought a Gaming Mouse!!!

I had already said I like to play PC games.But when I play many fps games I don't find my normal mouse very comfortable.So I decided to buy a gaming mouse.But gaming mouse is very expensive.So Today I was looking at the shops for gaming mouse at my budget. Then I found a mouse!!!I think … Continue reading Just bought a Gaming Mouse!!!

Just bought a Adobe Photoshop CC

When I first bought a computer.I wanted to use and learn Photoshop but because of my parents I can't got the Photoshop.Now after 2 years I have downloaded Photoshop.Adobe Photoshop CC is the latest version of Photoshop.It is quite good.I am just learning about Photoshop.It is quite difficult.​ Now I have only learned how to … Continue reading Just bought a Adobe Photoshop CC