What kind of country is this! Part 2-Society

Society is the main reason of all dirty corruptions.A society of Bangladesh is filled with every corruptions and works you can imagine.The society is not only responsible for corruptions .It is also causes many kind of dirty attacks to the rights of General people.It is also the holder of many kinds of bad cultures like dowry system.It is the main culprit behind every attack to the woman rights.The society has grown up such a way that a man can’t say a single word without the per motion of the society.I hate to be a member of this society.

The right of a child is reducing because of this society. A child or a kid can’t think of his her own without the permission of their parents.They can’t play outside.They can’t make friends because of this society.In my opinion we were not officially independent till 1971.Now we are not independent by the cage of our own society.

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What kind of country is this!!! Part 1-Politics

Yes,I am talking about Bangladesh.It is a very beautiful country no doubt.But beauty never become natural when the inner beauty faints.Be prepared.Now I will talk about the corruption and dirty society of Bangladesh.I don’t know where to start.Because it has a wide net of corruption.Which is getting more constructed day by day.I am only 14.But that doesn’t mean my opinion is wrong.I can see better than a matured person because a young heart is innocent.Ok enough talked.Now let’s start the main topic.

First of all I think the politics is the main reason behind every corruptions.Because politics doesn’t mean to serve people.It follows the phrase “First serve yourself.”The political society needs a change in Bangladesh.In my opinion the people should think smartly when they vote in the election.It doesn’t matter whom supporter you are.First try to judge their faults.Not there good works.

The political teams who give pain to the general people for their own safety I don’t think they deserve to be in power.For an example people of Bangladesh stuck at traffic jams hours and hours when the political leaders go by the road.Because they think about themselves more than our pains.

Part 2 will be release soon….

Note:This article is not written about any particular political team.I had just shared my opinion on the blog.So don’t take it personally.