Shab E Barat:An important day for muslims

Shab e Barat will start in the evening of Thursday May 11 and will end on Friday May 12.The festival happens on the 14th and 15th day of the Muslim month, and is a night when many believe God writes the destinies for all in the coming year. Muslims believe that Allah takes into account their actions committed in the past and so will ask for mercy for any transgressions.The holy festival is taking place from the evening of Thursday May 11 to the evening of Friday May 12What is Shab e Barat The holy day is also known as Bara’at Night and is seen as a night of forgiveness and a chance to ask for blessing from Allah.

Muslim devotees will offer up special prayers and recite from the Qur’an so Allah can forgive them and their ancestors. Many people visit the graves of their loved ones to pray for peace for their souls.In Bangladesh, many people will fast on the day after thShab e-Barat night and in South Asia individuals will handout food and aid to their neighbours and the poor.

I am also a Muslim.My future is dependent on this night.

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Game Review:N.O.V.A Legacy

Have you ever played nova series.The New N.O.V.A Legacy is a good luck for Low end and low memory smartphones.It requires only 20Mb!!!! Yes it is very small size.But how? Well it uses a self extract system.When you install it, it automatically extract and become playable.It has a wonderful graphics.You will love its graphics.It has many levels.Each has many 3 to 4 sub-levels.

What kind of country is this!!! Part 1-Politics

Yes,I am talking about Bangladesh.It is a very beautiful country no doubt.But beauty never become natural when the inner beauty faints.Be prepared.Now I will talk about the corruption and dirty society of Bangladesh.I don’t know where to start.Because it has a wide net of corruption.Which is getting more constructed day by day.I am only 14.But that doesn’t mean my opinion is wrong.I can see better than a matured person because a young heart is innocent.Ok enough talked.Now let’s start the main topic.

First of all I think the politics is the main reason behind every corruptions.Because politics doesn’t mean to serve people.It follows the phrase “First serve yourself.”The political society needs a change in Bangladesh.In my opinion the people should think smartly when they vote in the election.It doesn’t matter whom supporter you are.First try to judge their faults.Not there good works.

The political teams who give pain to the general people for their own safety I don’t think they deserve to be in power.For an example people of Bangladesh stuck at traffic jams hours and hours when the political leaders go by the road.Because they think about themselves more than our pains.

Part 2 will be release soon….

Note:This article is not written about any particular political team.I had just shared my opinion on the blog.So don’t take it personally.

A book you must read

I love reading books.But the problem is there is no library or book store near my house.So I read books at pdf version.So You can find this book online.First of all I want to say that this book is written by Sir Jafar Iqbal.He is one of the most excellent and popular writer in my country.He had written many books.I like to read his books very much.Because he is a scientist and writes science fiction books very wonderful.

Here is the cover photo.

It is written about two man.One is a scientist and the other man is a poet.They have a wonderful friendly relationship.The story is about many problems of them.You will laugh and laugh when you read the book.

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Happy Pohela Boishakh:Bangla New Year 1424

I am posting a post after a long time because of my exam.Today is the happiest day for all Bangladeshis.Today is our happy new year.At this day the whole Bangladesh welcome the new year.Many fair’s held on this day.But I had already said I am a unlucky person.Because tomorrow is my exam.That’s why I hate Bangladesh education system.They don’t think about our happiness. So I have to read whole day.No celebration for me.OK bye I have to read now.Pray for me.​

The Independence Day of Bangladesh:My pride

Today is the freedom day of Bangladesh.At this day Bangladesh start a war against Pakistan.In 1971 every people of Bangladesh start the war of freedom.This day remember us the history of Bangladesh.In that day every normal people took guns in their hands.To students to labours every people fought the war.​

So this day is very special for us.

Bangladesh is a country of patriots.A country of heroes.

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Making a logo in Photoshop challenge

I want to inform all people who reads my blog that I am challenging them to make simple logos in photoshop. I assure you it would be really easy.If you don’t have Photoshop use gimp instead.It is open source and full free.But a winner will win a special logo from me for his blog.

Tournament rules

1.Post your logo on your blog.

2.give a link to my blog end.

3.Comment your post link in this post.

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An example-​​ 

What to post??

I am very confused what to write.Its been a long time I don’t post.What to do.Nothing comes in my mind.Because nothing really happened in my life except my own uncle’s wedding.I wanted to share it my pictures but I didn’t feel safe to post it on my blog.Because the internet is a scary place too.

Just comment below to give me some ideas.

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Just bought a Gaming Mouse!!!

I had already said I like to play PC games.But when I play many fps games I don’t find my normal mouse very comfortable.So I decided to buy a gaming mouse.But gaming mouse is very expensive.So Today I was looking at the shops for gaming mouse at my budget.

Then I found a mouse!!!I think it is a Chinese gaming mouse.But what ever.It is good.Grip are comfortable.​

I I had bought the black one.It is quite good.It has flashing beautiful lights.

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