Can we make a program that can think like a human?

It seems quite impossible.But at least we can try it.Yes,it’s not going to be easy but nothing comes easy.First of all the scientists need a clear database of human brain.They can use a 3d scanner to scan and store every data about brain to procedure.We need neurologists to help us in this project.The human brain is very complicated and powerful so we need very powerful computer.With a huge data centre.Which store like neurons.Every program needs an operating system.Linux will be good or any other open source OS to handle the software.A custom one can made.

So we must must program the software very carefully which thinks like a human brain.It sounds easy,but trust me it will be one of the most complicated experiment of the history.We need mathematicians to help us.By trying hard we can reach our goal.

Note:It’s just a theory or a fantasy of a young heart.So don’t judge it.I am not a scientist.I am just a science lover.