Life as a blogger

Before starting my blog my life was a hell. I was lonely and bored.I had nobody to share my thoughts. My only friend was me.From my childhood I liked to write.But that time I wrote only on my diary or notebook.Because I had no friend I was lonely and abused.Because of my family was very strict I didn’t had any relation with internet.So when I was getting bigger I had got myself some internet by storing some money.From that time my journey start.

When I first heard about blog I decided to start up a blog.So I opened a blog named Nafinerd. It didn’t run quite well because I was really don’t knew about blogging too  much that time.So I dumbed that blog.Soon after my first blog got failed I started a new blog named FUNLIFEBLOG.

Now it is running well by the Grace of Almighty Allah. It don’t really get good views but I am still happy because some of my blogger friends regularly read my blog and it is the most big reward for me.


I am sick!!!!

Its been three days I am resting in my bed.I have been infected by fever and Asthma and a huge amount of nose blowing.I am unable to breath using my nose.I have to breath using my mouth because of my runny nose.

At the night I remain wake because of my runny nose.I cant sleep for a while because of my nose.When I visited a doctor,he said I have to do a nose operation.

So please pray for me.

Thank You

Why I am not getting any traffic?

From the start of my blogging I am not getting any traffic. I have trying hard to get traffic and visitors but not getting enough views for some days. Sometimes I think I am a real failure. From the childhood I was a failure. Just like I failed to make friends. I think the world will never like me. I don’t know why people don’t read my blog posts. I don’t know where the problem is. I write blog posts using a very small android phone and it is very hard to write using it.

​But writing is my hobby. I can get happiness by only writing. You can say writing is my friend. Writing is my everything. 

So please comment my problems in writing. It will help me to write more easily.

Thank You 

One Of My Favourite Sherlock Holmes Series

History:The House of Fear (1945) is the tenth in the series of fourteen Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

The first two (1939) are from 20th Century-Fox, a first-class studio which, while most movies and plays had updated the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories to the present, wisely chose to return the plots to their original turn-of-the-twentieth-century settings, with gaslight and hansoms. The time period is not entirely “Victorian” England as many suppose, since about half of Doyle’s writings, including the novel The Hound of the Baskervilles , were published after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901.

My Own Review:It is a good book for all ages of people.It is one of my favourite.It will improve your investigation power and memory.It has a very good ending which will thrill your mind.

Its main character are Sherlock Holmes and (I forget his name sorry).

I prescribe to buy this book now and I 100% guarranty this book will give you a lot of pleasure.

As a bowler in Cricket

I am a cricket lover.Sometime I play cricket in the field.Generally I am an all rounder. But I like to bowl very much than batting.I am a off spinner as a left handed.

Everybody calls me a cutter master in my school and neighborhood because of my extreme bowling.Don’t think that I am praising me own.I am just saying that I love bowling.

Bowling is very important in cricket. A match can’t be win without good bowling but I think bowlers have less popularity than bats mans.

But I request everyone that bowlers are very important in cricket. So love bowlers.

Thank You