I am writing a novel!!!!

From the start of my blogging I had been saying that I love to write.Writing is my hobby😐.Well.. I started writing from the start of my school life😩.Readers who regularly reads my blogs they all know that my life is very boring😢.The worst thing of my life is my parents doesn’t support me on anything I love or like😑.They never supported me on making friends.But every human need someone to share his/her feelings😀.So I make my friendship with paper and pens😯.I had written short stories and articles but never tried to write a NOVEL😕.So few days ago I started writing a novel.The name of the Novel is SOFTWARE🔧.It is a science fiction.Just because I love computer😄,I started this NOVEL.I am writing this NOVEL in Bangla.But I will try to make a English version of my NOVEL after finishing writing my story😅.Please pray for me and my writing.🙏Thank You😃



Writing can be a hobby or one’s main business. It depends on ourselves .I am a writer. I write for my hobby. I write about many thinks. Like myself, the world, science fiction, short stories, fictional etc. I like to write articles too. Article is one of my favorite choices of writing styles.

I write articles mostly on child abuse, science, human rights etc. You can say I am a kind of rainbow writer. Rainbow writer means a writer who writes about many subjects. A writer must see everything very with deep concentration and understand it very clearly.

 This is an important step for every writer. It will help a writer to write every concept very clearly. A writer must not hesitate when writing anything. We must remember one thing that writing is a language. A language consists of all language. A writer must read books or articles daily. This will help a writer to learn new things in writing very easily.

Thank you

Forgive Me My Sins

Forgive me my sins

Deliver me from pain

Make me a better person

That I may not sin again

Forgive me my sins

Deliver me from lies

Make me a better person

In your eyes

Forgive me my sins

Deliver me from hatred

Make me a better person

And I shall hold it sacred

My Review:

It is a beautiful poem written by Frank Solanki.I loved it when read it.This is a poem about sin.In this poem writer have prayed forgiveness for his sin.People who have done a lot of sins I guarantee this poem will touch their heart if they have humanity.

Thanks to Frank Solanki to give us a wonderful poem.

Thank You.

I am Alone

I am a teenager who is alone from childhood.I have no friends because of my nerdy nature.I had been neglected from my childhood by everyone.

​Everybody call me fool and many kind of neglectable words.But they don’t know I love everybody and want to make a better world.

I want to make friends.Because I am very alone. So I started blogging to express myself in the internet.
So please be my friend and help me making the world better.

Thank You